Memory Root Light     (2012)

Memory Root Light was created as a continuum in which the viewers immerse in sequences of abstract scenes.  Combining sound, images and movement in an abstract manner generates  surreal, illusory and expressionist ambiences without representational intent.  The work has no conceptual, narrative nor descriptive character.  

There is no text or intelligible voice. Sound generates structure as much as any other element.Movement and action vocabulary invite the viewer to intuit, discover and perceive rather than associations or the predictable.

Memory Root Light was premiered Saturday december the 22nd 2012 at the Teatro Garau, Oristano, Sardinia, Italy,  with Liao Yun-Hsiu as guest performer, as an special event of the Miniere Sonore Festival.   

Presented in co-production between Heuristic A.C. and LRM Performance, and supported by Regione autonoma della Sardegna,Provincia  e Comune di Oristano, Conservatorio G.P. da Palestrina di Cagliari and The Embassy of Spain in Italy

During the  2012-13 season Memory Root Light  was  presented  in monthly open studio or open dress with guest performers Maya Nukata and Liao Yun-Hsiu to invited art historians, cultural managers, press, programmers and curators only at Locus' studio, Kolmanskop Lab.

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