Looking for two movement collaborators for 

Luoghi and Kowloon rehearsals

~ 2023


open studio -press,

rehearsal sessions

~2022 fall

Luoghi -  new working space,

guest performers' quest

Kowloon & Luoghi rehearsals

2020 March~

Luoghi  - creative retreat / 


Presentation in London postponed, obvs.

2020  February

"Creative interdisciplinary work for a Changing World"

Presentation at Momentum World Erasmus+

Leicester UK

~2020 January

Luoghi - work in progress


2019 May

"Interdisciplinary Art Work by LRM Locus"

Conference and Workshop

Erasmus+ Program

Constanza - Romania

2019 April

"No spoiler feasible. Alert!"

Conference at Eifabrik Hannover

Aterlier Pepa Salas Vilar

2019 March

New working space;

Luoghi - work in progress  - rehearsals

2018 August 

"Kowloon" – Italian Premiere-

Miniere Sonore Festival August 26th 2018 

Spectrapolis Art residence - Morgongiori, Sardinia 22-25 Aug 2018

2018 July 28-29

"Kowloon" - Premiere - Casa de Vacas - Madrid 

2018 Jan  24th & 27th

 "Kowloon" - presented at Est_Art Space - Alcobendas, Madrid

2017 - Autumn:

New work in progress :  "Luoghi"

2017 -  Summer:

LRM was finalist  in Connections Program- Taiwan

"Luoghi" was one of the six selected by the National Taichung Theatre for their Connections program among worldwide candidates

2017 - Springtime:

Kowloon rehearsals for curators and programmers

First tests for "Luoghi", new LRM´s production

2016 -  Winter:

Kowloon - work in progress – rehearsals & technical set up

2016 - Springtime:
Kowloon, the new LRM Locus piece

press rehearsals

2015 Dec:
movement collaborator for Kowloon: Chen ZhiHan
2015 Jan-Nov:
Kowloon - new work in progress

2014 Oct 9th:
Round table on Art and technology at
Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Madrid 
2014 -summer-fall:
Kowloon - new work in progress
production sessions retreat

2014 June:
Presentation at Salvador Victoria Foundation's Museum
conference on LRM-Locus' works and procedures

2014 May 17th:
Memory Root Light  performed at Arte Open Views art fair, Madrid

2014 May 9th:
Conference at Conecta Cultura Forum, Valladolid University

2013  November:
Locus' directors presentation at  the  
InMediterraneum Video Art festival forum
2013 November:
˝Stove˝ - a site specific installation + performance
performed at The Room Art Fair, Madrid

2013 August:
New ideas for a work in progress, working title Kowloon

2013 April:
Memory Root Light  selected for the Stoff festival
august 21 - 24, Stockholm

2013 Feb:
monthly open studios for scholars,
press, programmers and curators
at Kolmanskop  Lab.

2012 Dec. 22nd:

Memory Root Light  - premiere -
Miniere Sonore Festival,
Oristano, Italy  
guest performer Yun-Hsiu Liao

2012 Nov. : Presentation of Memory Root Light  at
the  Room Art Fair,  Madrid, nov 26th

2012 July / oct :
Memory Root Light - Monthly open studios
for curators and programmers
guest performer Maya Nukata

2011 July:
Residency at  LSD Losdedae in Movement,
dance research centre ­ Alcalá de Henares, Spain

2011 May- June:
Memory_Root _Light -
work in progress

2011 May  5, 6, 7 & 8th:
Cog 20_11  premiere
at Antic Theatre,  Barcelona, Spain
guest performer Virginia Febrero

2011 January- March:
New LRM Locus working space,
Kolmanskop hybrid Lab

2010  December 14 & 18th:
Open studio, public sampler of  Cog 20_10.
Presentation at Matadero Madrid.

2010  September:
LRM Performance presentation - Cog 20_10  at the Nuit Blanche
( white night)
Visual Artists Association, 9-10 2010

2010 April:
LRM performance - Open Studio sample of Cog 20_10 ,
Madrid's Visual Artists Association, April 25th, 2010

2010 January:
LRM performance
Residency throughout 2010
Association of Visual Artists, Madrid, Spain

2009 July-August:
New projects for 2010's LRM productions:
Cog 20_10 - Work in progress.

2009 April:
COGWHEEL 3 - premeiered at
La Elipa Auditorium April 25th

2009 March:
Rehearsals for "COGWHEEL 3"

2009 February:
COGWHEEL 2nd turn - premiered
San Juan Bautista, Auditorium February 20th.
guest performer Elena Merino

2008-2009, December-February:
New LRM production:
COGWHEEL 2nd turn

2008, October:
COGWHEEL premiered  at Teatro Pradillo,
Oct 24th 2008
guest dance performer  Ana G. Abad

2008, August:
Organization and Curatorship of

2008, March-July:
New project COGWHEEL in progress

2008, January-February:
CYCLIC V.08 Premiered at
Valencia, Spain

2007, August-December:
Cyclic V.08 Rehearsals

2007, July 20th :
Lugar Roce Momento [Place Graze Moment] 

Premiered at  Mirador07 Art show –

Matadero Madrid

2006, January:
Desgaste (the wearing out)
work in progress

2005, November:
Nuovo sperimento di verifica premiered at
Mirador05 art show, Berzosa de Lozoya,
Madrid Nov. 18-20th

2005, June:
Storyboards 5 & 6 presented at
Fine Arts Faculty, Universidad Complutense University, Madrid

2005, May:
El Hombre de Java ...  premiered
René Mora (Classical Guitar),
at Fundación Juan March, Madrid, may 7th 2005.

2005, February:
La Espera  premiered at
Espacio de Arte Tesauro, Madrid February 26th 2005

2004, November:

Arquitexturas premiered at
Espacio Nautilus, Madrid
texts byJesús Salceda;
in colaboration with Novel Sámano (Composer) and
Carlos Quintana (photography)

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