Cogwheel   series (2008-2011)

 The Cogwheel series was conceptually based on the contrast between machine and nature, the human body and the city, in a non-narrative guise. Although this was the conceptual stance at the start, Locus progressively viewed working from a conceptual framework as tired and abandoned it for a purely formal working method, thus allowing  viewers to create concepts of their own. Therefore subsequent versions of Cogwheel were created in a palimpsest-like constant development from the original structure, premiered in October 2008 at the Pradillo Theatre in Madrid  throughout the last one,  Cog 20_11 premiered in May 2011 at the Antic Theatre in Barcelona.

 The first version of Cogwheel (2008) was a 50 min. long set of abstract scenes which featured video projections, live digital graphics and pre-cinema devices –overhead projector and episcopes– live prepared piano and custom-built electronics, with LED light design and devices. Ana G. Abad was invited as a dance performer.  It was premiered at the Teatro Pradillo in Madrid, October the 23rd 2008.

The second version, Cogwheel 2nd turn, was premiered at the San Juan Bautista Auditorium in Madrid, February 20th 2009. Guest dance performer was Elena Merino. Scenes were added, removed and rearranged and new costumes and prothesis designs were put into practice.

The third version, entitled Cowheel 3 was premiered at La Elipa Cultural Centre Auditorium in Madrid on April 25th 2009 with Teresa Acevedo as guest performer. Major changes were done on the basic structure –new objects, costumes and prosthesis, new musical instruments created ad hoc and live video effects. Investigations in movement, sound, light and objects resulted in more changes for the next version, Cog 20_10. Those were presented at the Association of Visual Artists in Madrid on April 25th 2010 plus at the Nuit Blanche on october 20th and at Matadero Madrid on december 14th 2010.

The last and more pithy version of Cogwheel named Cog 20_11 was assembled at our own studio during the first term of 2011 and premiered with the support of performers Marisa de La Iglesia and Virginia Febrero in Barcelona  at the Antic Teatre on may 5th 2011.

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